Animex photos

animex 2008

A not-so-good event to Openhaüs (sales fault), Animex was a small version of the CJMC (the biggest comicon in Monterrey), we were with our friends of ¡#$%&! Cómics, PSP Comix and sharing table with Angelica Bracho. By the way, Eva was the Animex graphic designer.

Some photos from the event…

animex 2008

¡#$%&! Cómics editors: Carlos García Campillo, Gustavo Caballero and Salvador Vázquez.

animex 2008

Old time friend Marte Gracia, amazing Marvel Comics colorist.

animex 2008

Jorge Tovalín and me with a Comikaze copy. Jorge is the Comikaze editor and the cover have my colors (over Jesús Hernández art).

animex 2008

I give a Openhaüs copy to Doug Jones :D

At least we have fun. More photos here!!

Well, Im back to work because my editor could kick my skinny ass if I lost more time in this… see you later, hippie bastard.

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