Comics & design

As I said in the last post: this series gave me some ideas for magazine design… in fact, comics design.

::d`airain aventures::

I think in comics not only as magazines with a lot of funny pages… I think in comics as a whole product, the ultimate paper-gestalt; yeah, funny pages is a big part, but typography (lettering) too… and graphic design ideas on the cover… and interior pages as credits and some extras; Im sure that you can see (or feel) differences in good comics and bad comics (Im not talking about Spidey`s Clone Saga vs. Watchmen)… even if you aren`t designer and/or artist.

Comics are not only about funny pages.

I was really surprised some weeks ago with the first issue of Ashley Wood D`Airain Aventure (published by IDW), 32 pages without ads!! its a good example of my ideas (as always, click on the image for larger size):

::d`airain aventures::

::d`airain aventures::

::d`airain aventures::

::d`airain aventures::

::d`airain aventures::

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