How I make textures?

Theres a lot of ways to make textures: acrylics, watercolors, inks, gouche (all this over a lot of supports like bond, canvas, et al), photos of walls, concrete, etcetera; but this time I wish to show you a very easy and cheap way to make a texture for your illustrations.

::how to make textures 1::

1.- Basics: water, coffe, masking tape, blank paper (or other soft color) and…

::how to make textures 2::

2.- …spray bottle. First step: Mix the coffee with the water and spill it in the spray bottle.

::how to make textures 3::

3.- Spray the water-cofee mix all over the paper.

::how to make textures 4::

4.- Put the wet paper under the sun and over a real dirty surface. By the way, my english sucks… but you understand, right?

::how to make textures 5::

5.- Here, you can see the dry paper after his first bath. This can work like a smooth texture, but I prefer to experiment a little more…

::how to make textures 6::

6.- …Ta-daaaa!! Look better after severals baths later. Scan the paper at 400 or 600 dpi, save it… and thats all, enjoy your new texture!

(Bigger photos in Flickr)

Please, dont take this like a tutorial, I just want to show you part of the process which I follow in some works, but theres infinities ways to obtain the same goal.

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